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Frequently asked questions

What material is LadyP made of?

LadyP is made entirely of a medical grade silicone with all attestations. No plastic or latex materials have been used. Colours used have attestations and are approved for use in food industry and healthcare.

What is the durability and reusability of LadyP?

When maintained properly, the durability and reusability is up to 15 years. Avoid using sharp objects that could damage the silicone!

LadyP maintenance

Ideally, wash with water and intimate hygiene soap (LadygGel). When travelling or when no water is available, use wet intimate tissues (LadyWipe).
For maintenance, you can use a sterilization solution prepared simply by following instructions for the Milton sterilizing tablets. We recommend that you perform this maintenance once in a long while or after not using your LadyP for a long time.
Alternatively, you can boil LadyP for 4 to 5 minutes. Caution! When water boils down, the silicone might burn, causing its destruction.

Why is LadyP not disposable?

The demand for disposable products is decreasing. Modern women think ecologically and economically!

LadyP protection

After using, place LadyP in the practical case.

What is the LadyP size?

95 mm tall, 60 mm wide and 154 mm long.

Instructions for use:

  1. Place LadyP against your body to ensure full sealing
  2. Direct in the right direction and use
  3. Place back in the case or a plastic bag for the next use
    (if possible, wipe with a wet intimate tissue or wash with water and intimate hygiene soap)
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partners LadyCup - Menstrual cup LadyPad - 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton
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